Mostly In the Flesh, Elementary, Sleepy Hollow, Hannibal, The Walking Dead, The Musketeers, Orphan Black, and Teen Wolf.

I also run fyeahthefall and co-run adoringitf with the amazing Cara and Sunny.

I have bipolar disorder, DDD, fibromyalgia, misophonia, and chronic pain from a cause that's unknown for now. I tag trigger warnings as "[trigger] cw".

Took an EMG. No carpal tunnel (surprise!!!?), no nerve damage. Back to square one. No one has any idea what is wrong with me. May have to take an MRI of the spine soon, we'll see.

Reading: The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Watching: Orange is the New Black

Drawing: Simon Monroe visiting his mother's grave

Writing progress:

51900 / 88000 58.98% Done!

"Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date. Take a deep breath and try again."


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Also, please tag "allodynia" or "patterns cw" on posts that have high-contrast black and white (or dark blue and white or any high contrast) patterns. Think optical-illusion type things or stripes/polka dots. Thank you!

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Nannah. 24. Demi-biromantic asexual. She/her.

YA lit enthusiast. Way too invested in TV shows.

Morgan le Fay / Queen of Avalon

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