i wrote fic (GASP) 

its ben/cillian, and it follows them from before new world to canon to a bit after, its a bit over 21k words

here’s a link! 

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Czech Republic (by Martin Rak)

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          post-run pumpkin spice protein smoothie

  • ½ cup canned pumpkin
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 2 frozen bananas
  • 2 dates
  • 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder (optional)
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • sprinkle nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and ginger
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I Love You feat. Angel Haze
35,033 plays

I Love You // Woodkid feat. Angel Haze

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↳ anon asked: carol or daryl?

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What would have once sounded like a “far-fetched feminist fantasy” – women forming the majority of a parliament – is a reality in Rwanda.

In fact, women are making gains throughout Africa, but these achievements have been met with a loud silence from the western feminist movement. 

African women are blazing a feminist trail - why don’t we hear their voices? (The Guardian) 

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That was supposed to be just a quick and simple mermaid drawing, but then I did a background. What’s gotten into me?!

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Autistic Simon headcanon moments, first of three!


I just thought it’d be fun to do a whizz-through of series two and see what Simon moments add further credence to the theory. Please note I’m not saying that everything I mention here is some sort of autism-exclusive trait - just that when these moments are all added up together, they cover enough parts of the spectrum to form a picture.

And as this post is already longer than intended, and I’d like to get some sleep, these are just snippets from episodes one and two. I’ll try and cover the other episodes later and do one batch per two episodes so that none of them get too lengthy <3.

  • The fact he’s quite happy sitting on someone’s gravestone and it apparently doesn’t occur to him that it might come across as a bit disrespectful.
  • Simon’s very first words to Kieren are a genuine apology mixed with an unintentional insult. “Oh, I’m sorry. Didn’t realise you were one of us, all that… [makeup] on your face.”
  • He speaks his mind literally from the off. There doesn’t seem to be much by way of a brain to mouth filter, and it’s not so much that he has to have Kieren agree with him, but he does seem to need Kieren to see his point of view. There isn’t any insistence that Kieren believes what he believes, but there is an insistence that Kieren listens.
  • His overly casual relationship with touch, and invasion of other’s personal space. When talking to other people to get their stories out of them, he’ll sometimes just give them a quick squeeze on the leg/arm/shoulder, and doesn’t seem to think anything of it; he leans right forward until he’s almost breathing on Freddie’s shoulder at the PDS launch meeting (just a quick aside, some British cliches are true, and one of them is personal space being a Very Important Thing - if you watch that scene, you’ll see that everyone else sits up straight or leans back).

photo itf-00001_zps68c66d37.png

  • He takes Amy at her word when she says she’s fine after having a fit. Despite the fact she visibly isn’t okay, he leaves her to take care of herself, as if he trusts her word more than his eyes.
  • The way he drags his fingers along the fence while walking over to Kieren. I know it might seem an odd trait to call out, but it’s not the only time in the series Simon drags his fingers along things out of habit; some people with autism, myself included, find it grounding to make contact with the world around us with our fingertips and feet, and I think it’s a side-effect of not having the best sense of where we physically are in a room. If you can touch a wall or a surface, it reassures you of where that object is relative to you.
  • Several times, especially in the second episode, Simon will have entire conversations where he barely looks in the other person’s direction. When there’s the talk about re-citizenship certificates, and the later talk about his trip to the U.S., Simon spends the major parts of both conversations facing away from Kieren even when Kieren’s facing him.

photo itf-00004_zps5c304e66.png

photo itf-00005_zpsaf60fac7.png

Personal addition before I head off to bed; I think Simon’s genuine love for both Amy and Kieren might stem not just from how they’re fabulous people in the first place, but also from their both having very expressive faces with large eyes. If Simon were to have the trait of struggling to interpret emotions on people’s faces, then expressive people like Kieren and Amy would be a blessing to him.

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